Sludge Reducing Probiotic

The environment of the ponds changes rapidly in Semi intensive & intensive culture due to huge volume of organic wastes like dead planktons, Fecal matter and uneaten feeds. All these pollutants cause huge sludge which is made up of Ammonia , Nitrite & H2S etc. effects shrimp’s health , growth & survival .
TOXI GUARD is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms which will degrade organic wastes, toxins and improve oxygen level in pond bottom.

1. Reduce Ammonia , Nitrite & H2S.
2. Reduce BOD
3. Works in Both aerobic & anaerobic conditions
4. Improve D.O. & water quality
5. Works in wide range of salinity
6. Enhance shrimp growth
7. Optimize F.C.R.
8. Maintain stable plankton

Sludge Reducing Probiotic
Sludge Reducing Probiotic

1Kg /acre or as directed by your consultant.

toxi guard