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pH cause deep impact on Pond environment. The most common cause of high pH are phytoplankton. High density phytoplankton results abnormal pH fluctuations. Pond pH is low at early morning and high at evening. High pH fluctuations results unhealthy environment to shrimps , fish and all aquatic organisms.

Increase in pH increase percentage of toxic unionized ammonia in total ammonia(unionized ammonia + ionized ammonia = Total ammonia).

At below 8 pH the toxic unionized ammonia level is less than 10% in to ammonia. At 9 pH unionized ammonia level is between 35 to 50% . At 10 pH the toxic unionized ammonia level reaches up to 90%.

Increase in pH increase stress, reduce appetite,affect moulting process, results rough shell and loose shell. High pH influence the blooming of toxic Blue-green algae.

  • * pH BufferS is an innovation by InnovativeS made up of microbes and enzymes to reduce pH.

  • * pH BufferS has been tested extensively in culture ponds at different conditions.

  • * pH BufferS increase pro-biotic efficiency because of its pre-biotic nature.

  • * pH BufferS can treat rough shell disease and improve exoskeleton appearance.

pH table
pH table
pH table

Fix pH
Fix pH as you like

1 kg/acre between 8 am to10 am

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