Blue green algae are widely viewed as indicators of pollution. A direct result of excess nutrients promoting the growth of Blue-green algae that in turn utilize all of the oxygen present in the pond.

Perhaps the single greatest threat from these algae is the toxins they produce. Many toxins have been characterized,including neurotoxin,hepatotoxins,cytotoxins and dermetotoxins. Some are widely documented,such as the micromicrocystins and nodularn that can cause liver damage, Geosmin responsible for off flavor and beta methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA),a potent toxin produced by many species that has been linked to several brain diseases.

These algae have been implicated in fish kills. Reports suggest a number of potential toxins might be killing shrimps during the first days after stocking. The pathology is consistent with that of a hepato toxin. The presence of algae can also impact growth rate and feed conversion ratio.

The impact of White fecal matter has been found in L.vannamei and P.monodon and there is no possible association with loose shell syndrome. Interestingly, the white fecal problem has been observed with L.vannamei ponds having high count of BLUE GREEN algae.

BG KLEAN is an unique combination contains herbal extracts which controls BLUE GREEN algae, Blue green algae toxins and White Feces Syndrome very effectively. Over years BG KLEAN give consistent results against toxic blue green algae

bg clean
Blue green algae reducer
BG KLEAN: Blue green algae toxins reducer

To reduce Blue-green algae:

Apply 0.5 to 1.0 litre of BG klean at evening hours to reduce Blue green algae.
If possible remove sludge and 20% of feed for 2 days.

To reduce pH:
Apply 1litre of BG klean at evening hours,after 36 hours apply pH BufferS 1kg /acre.

To control White Feces Syndrome:
Reduce Blue green algae by using BG klean and apply double dose of "Toxigaurd". Reduce or stop feeding until White Feces Syndrome controlled.

For Turbid water quality:
Check pH if it is less than 8 then apply lime 50-100 kg/ acre at noon and apply BG klean 1 litre / acre. If the pH is 8 and above apply BG klean directly.