B Clean BR

Anti Viral & Vibrio Probiotic

Salient Features

Our probiotic technology uses living organisms that are friendly to shrimps. Once introduced into aquatic environment organisms in our probiotics continue to multiplyso as to keep up the increasing resistance of harmful microorganisms in the pond. This means that a shrimp farmer will spend less on pest and disease control while producing healthy shrimps that are not overexposed to chemical that may be unhealthy to consumers.

Growth of microbes and micro organism in aquaculture pond is unavoidable. Development of harmful microbes and plankton in pond ecosystem will cause various diseases and stress to the aquatic animals. Frequent feeding and dead plankton will result unhealthy environment in both soil and water. Keeping all these factors in mind InnovativeS designed “B CLEAN BR”.

B CLEAN BR is proven to increase survival by reinforcing the body’s natural defense mechanisms, increase diseaseresistance& suppressing potentially harmful Bacteria.

Through competitive exclusion creates a healthier, more Robust animal that can withstand challenging conditions.

Cost of B CLEAN BR is small fraction of total production costs, yet average yield increases by 25%.B CLEAN BR reduces costs and increase profits include more consistent sized animal, improve stress tolerance, elimination of antibiotic use, reduce water exchange, improved flavor texture and improved feed conversions.

Improved FCR means more profit. Better water quality allows shrimp to use energy for fighting disease and poor water quality.


  • 1. Reduce pathogenic vibrio sp. And viruses effectively

  • 2. Reduce organic wastes in pond bottom by Oxidation.

  • 3. Maintain optimum pH and reduce pH fluctuations.

  • 4. Maintain good water quality results better growth and survival.

  • 5. Extensively tested in all climatic conditions.

  • 6. Cost effective.

Anti Viral and Vibrio Probiotic
Anti Viral & Vibrio Probiotic

High quality bacterial strains blended in proper ratio, perfectly balanced Bacillus subtillis, Bacillus megaterium, Nitrobactor, Aspergillus Yeast etc.,

For better result soak B CLEAN BR in jaggary solution for 4- 6 hours before application.

In Feed
5-10g/Kg feed twice a day to prevent vibrio disease